Monday, April 4, 2011

Zombie House ... The Simple Blog

Hey everyone, this is Joey from the old ZH crew.
Just wanted to let you or anyone out there know that we officially are gonna let go all past work and start new and fresh. No more horror short films from us unless we really feel strong about an idea and commit. As of right now, only one person was really pumping out content under the Zombie House label and that person was Ruben Cruz. Ruben started doing beer reviews under the ZH logo, but i think at a certain point felt that there was no point anymore because the ZH brand was pretty much dead. But i honestly feel that i cant let it die, considering it was an important part of my life and my close friends lives. We had some ups and alot of downs, but i still believe in Zombie House and I'm pretty stubborn about letting it die.

Recently James Cruz has purchased a very nice camera, and we plan on shooting alot of skits and other misc videos with it, mostly music videos. I talked to him regarding keeping the Zombie House name and using it for our upcoming projects, and he agreed to give it one last honest shot. So with that said, there will be alot of new things coming this year... I'll force out garbage if i have to.. i don't care, we're pumping out content. I'll be working on some new PJ McGee skits with Mario Carrion. Maybe I'll do some random stuff on my own, same said with James and the rest of our small crew, but stuff will get done.

Sorry for my poor punctuation and probably spelling, but I'm in a rush and just wanted to get this out there. I'll be talking to Ruben Cruz to see if he wants to contribute his Rubeer Beer Reviews under the ZH name, I really hope he would like to come back on board.

So in the mean time, i would like to show you all of Rubeers hard work. While we where doing nothing, Rubens been doing awesome beer reviews. And he deserves to have them shared. Ruben honestly inspired me.. maybe all of us. We hope you enjoy them. Thanks for Reading

-Joey Zambrano (Zombie House Films)



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